Tentmaker Group

Movements, Ministry & Church Planter Funding

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The Tentmaker Group assists movements, ministry leaders and church planters who seek to bring gospel-centered change to cities. The concept comes from the apostle Paul who worked as a tentmaker in Thessalonica, Corinth, and Ephesus (cf. Acts 18:3, 1 Thess. 2:9) in order to plant churches.

Church Planters & Ministry Leaders : The goal is to pair planters & ministry leaders with positions that allow them to provide for their families and transition with income into the ministry.

Movements: Start a tentmaker organization in your city to provide ongoing support for your first or future church plants and ministries. This model is similar to Agathos‘ plan of One Church One Village, who instead of asking for continual support to fund their ministry to the orphans of aids victims in Africa, seeks to buy farms to create ongoing support.

By focusing on self-sustenance, and requiring that each village be self-sustaining, costs to each participating church are limited to a specific amount – capital costs. No further funding will be needed for each village.

The Vision of the Tentmaker Group

  1. Helping fund local church planting and ministry movements.
  2. Allowing church planters, ministry leaders and others to augment their existing salary or setup a transition into ministry.
  3. Providing a Kingdom expression through the value of work and a desire to demonstrate the cultural mandate to cultivate this earth to reflect God’s glory.
  4. Involving local organizations and businesses in these expressions.
  5. Providing gospel consulting to people starting companies who want to give back to the city.